John Travis's Debut Novel 'Star Worthy', says Publishers Weekly!!

Well, this is a good day… and not just for the laboratories of Atomic Fez, either!

Not only has John Travis’s début novel The Terror and the Tortoiseshell been reviewed by the august industry periodical Publishers Weekly, the book has even rated a star, something which only ¼ of the eight ‘mystery’ titles reviewed this week received. Hurrah, John!

Publishers Weekly logoA STAR! from “Publishers Weekly”!The Terror and the Tortoiseshell by John Travis, Atomic Fez Publishing (, $34.99 (304p), ISBN 9780981159737

CLICK HERE to get more details and order copies“Animal Farm” meets “The Big Sleep” in this quirky but compelling hard-​​boiled mystery, the first in a new series, from British author Travis (“Mostly Monochrome Stories”). A mysterious event has reversed the roles of animals and humans in England. In an instant, pets have grown in height, gained the ability to speak, and started assuming the jobs of their former masters. People have become the animals’ pets or playthings in a savage outburst of revenge. Some animals oppose the violence, in particular, a cat who adopts the name and profession of his owner, becoming “Benji Spriteman, Detective”. Travis packs a lot in, including a twisty whodunit plot, humorous sequences to leaven the grimness, and a cult persuaded that Arthur Machen’s 1917 novella, “The Terror”, is a true account of an animal revolt in Britain. Despite superficial resemblances to Tim Davys’s “Amberville” (2009), a crime novel featuring walking and talking stuffed animals, this is a far superior work with a more fully realized imaginary world. (Mar.)

Who could ask for better than that? How delightful!

Order your copy today. You know you want to…

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