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Proprietor Participates in Plenitude of VCon Panels!

Vancouver's Convention of Science Fiction and FantasyHuzzah! The schedule of events for the up-​​coming 35th version of VCon (Vancouver’s Convention of Science Fiction and Fantasy) is now public! If you’re seeking the words of wisdom of the proprietor on the week-​​end of October 1 – 3 2010, here’s the times and places you can do that (other than when he’s in the Dealer’s Room selling or lying in an open space on the floor somewhere near the bar, that is):

  • The Future of Electronic Publishing — Friday 2pm (Grouse room)
    Dave Duncan, Tarol Hunt, Ian Alexander Martin, Lynda Williams
    Is the Kindle the beginning of the end for paper books? Is E-​​publishing just a fad? Come hear what our panel of experts have to say.
  • Lesson Learned — Friday 3pm (Baker room)
    Tarol Hunt, Ian Alexander Martin, Ira Nayman, Lynda Williams
    Our panel shares some wisdom regarding things they wish they’d been told when they started in the writing business.
  • “You Suck!” “No You Suck!” — Saturday 10am (Seymour/​Whistler room)
    Eileen Kernaghan, Eric Lanoix, Ian Alexander Martin, Marcie Tentchoff, Sandra Wickham
    Often giving and receiving writing feedback can lead to tumultuous situations. What skills and techniques are needed to provide constructive criticism? How should you deal with criticism of your own work? What are the pros, cons and considerations when starting your own critique group?
  • Marriott Airport Hotel, Richmond (exterior)How Did That Get on My Book Cover? — Saturday 2pm; (Grouse room)
    James Beveridge (GoH), Dave Duncan, Eileen Kernaghan, Ian Alexander Martin (moderator), Cherie Priest (GoH), Edward Willett
    Authors discuss book cover art that didn’t speak to them or had nothing to do with the book. And a little insight from our Art Guest of Honour as to what the artists are told.
  • Modern Technology & the Destruction of the English Language — Sunday 2pm (Baker room)
    Geoff Cole, Ian Alexander Martin, Ira Nayman, Robert Luis Rabello
    R u a txtr? Do u rite compleet sentnces in emales? R speling n gramer ignord? Lets tawk.
  • Promotion in the Age of Twitter — Sunday 4pm (Baker room)
    Tarol Hunt, Ian Alexander Martin, Donna Prior, Lynda Williams
    What’s the best way to promote yourself these days, surrounded by Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and whatever’s coming next?

All of this is subject to change, obviously, so check the schedule grid you get in your registration pack when you check in.

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