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People to Give Your Attention To (№3)

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Being entirely aware than no one is paying attention to this because everyone’s out buying everything electronic possible, let’s determinedly blast our way into the third of an on-​​​​​​going weekly series about “people who don’t talk rubbish” anyway. It’s just like “Follow Friday”, only using more than 140 characters.

Neil Gaiman

Twitter: @NeilHimself | Web:

Writer, mostly of Fantasy, but also Horror and… well, basically just about anything he feels like, really. Just about all of it is brilliant. If you’ve never read anything by him, I’d recommend reading Good Omens (co-​​written with Sir Terry Pratchett) which is about as un-​​typical of his oevre as imaginable, frankly. However, it is about as gentle an introduction as you can get.

Coraline is one of his titles, and was recently adapted into a film. He also wrote the script for Beowulf, possibly the only poem title everyone recognizes but hasn’t a clue what it’s about because Grade 12 English Literature class was a long time ago and it’s a bit of a blur as well (so including the CGI version of a naked Angelina Jolie in the script isn’t all that silly an idea after all).

He’s also damned good at examining trends in publishing, technology, and where the two meet.

I had dinner with him this past March in Brighton, as well. Granted, the room had another 200 or so people in it at the time, but we were both there for the same event.

Ed Yong

Twitter: @EdYong209 | Web:

London, UK Science writer, and the creator of the blog Not Exactly Rocket Science. He’s a freelance journalist about sci-​​news and related items, as well as Cancer Research.

Plus he’s thankful for his wife, even though he’s English and Thanksgiving doesn’t exist for him. What’s not to like about that?

William Gibson

Twitter: @GreatDismal | Web:

Where does one start with this guy? Combination of mystery, SF, technology, and just plain brilliant writing. You name it, he’s probably written about it before it actually was either invented or sufficiently refined. Mona Lisa Overdrive, Virtual Light, and Neuromancer are only three of his earlier works.

He lives in Vancouver where he’s the Public Library’s “Writer in Residence”, and if you’re hitchhiking he will stop and pick you up (he still owes karma for hundreds of rides he got in the 1960s, apparently).

Andy Fanton

Twitter: @FantonEsquire | Web:

Based in Portsmouth, UK, he’s a cartoonist for @DandyComic, as well as @lordlikely’s long-​​suffering scribe and illustrator.

He’s funny.

Ruth Seeley

Twitter: @RuthSeeley | Web:

She has BA in English. She calls her place The Little Condo on the Prairie. She recently left the land known as “Renovation Hell”.

Her greatest challenge: she’s doing promotional things for Atomic Fez Publishing. Pray for her.

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