Popular Mechanics, December 1941 (click to enlarge or close)

Clearing the Desk of 2010's Odds & Sods (Part III)

We’ve looked backwards during the last two posts, examining reviews and what was accomplished in 2010. So, now let us point our noses in the direction of 2011; TO THE FUTURE!! In other words, about 48 hours from now.

Popular Mechanics, December 1941 (click to enlarge or close)
Popular Mechanics, December 1941 (click to enlarge or close)

What’s Atomic Fez got on the horizon for then, eh? Anything you need to know about?

To start with, there’ll be books.

More than this I’m not going to say, as actual announcements and details will be made shortly before their publishing dates, as this is the way to make everyone more comfortable with the small press in general. Too many times people hear about such-​​and-​​such a book being published ‘very soon’ or ‘in the fall’ and then no more about it thereafter. They might have even ordered and paid for a copy in advance. Sadly, occasionally things do not go as intended and the title is either cancelled or the publishing house itself is absorbed in to another one or fades altogether. Additionally, there’s always the chance that the author suddenly wants to have another go through the book before it’s released, or the publishing house finds that it needs to delay things for the want of cash-​​flow, and both of those can’t be done due to the embarrassment of not keeping to an already announced schedule. None of this is to happen with Atomic Fez, and the way to encourage that understanding is by saying things like “Atomic Fez is publishing such-​​and-​​such a title… and here it is!” Everyone’s happier this way.

The plan at the moment is to have four new titles available in 2011: all of them novels. Three of them could easily be seen as ‘mysteries’, three with goodly dollops of ‘humour’, two of them as having solid ‘horror’ content, and one of them as a kind of ‘lad lit’. Two of the four are the first novels for the authors, two of the four are authors previously published by Atomic Fez, two of the four are Canadians, and one of the four is female. Some of the four fall into several of the categories, a couple of them fewer.

Mysterious enough for you? Well, let’s get on to some certainties and cease this wicked teasing of mine.

Atomic Fez will continue to release books in both printed and electronic formats simultaneously. Both markets are filled with people who like to read, and as long as they want words for their eyes, we aim to provide them on paper or on screens.

Atomic Fez will be attending at least one event this year: the British Fantasy Society’s “FantasyCon”, to be held in Brighton on the October 1st week-​​end. During that event, the BFS Awards for works published in 2010 will be announced, and Atomic Fez Authors will be seen filling the photo of the assembled winners. Shortly after that event, the Proprietor will be found outside the building letting out a very large sigh of relief.

Throughout the year, Mondays will continue to see posts here on the site giving a quick run-​​through of publishing industry news fitting the category “Things You May Have Missed Last Week”. Fridays will continue to be the day that your direction is pointed in the direction of the people frequently responsible for those things, in the category of “People to Give Your Attention To”. Newsletters from Atomic Fez will continue to go out, and if you’d like to subscribe to those e-​​mails, put your address in the little box at the top right of the page.

It is hoped that the economy – especially in the United Kingdom – is on the mend, as one of the areas hit has been the publishing industry. Large and small, we’re feeling the pinch, no matter how we’re approaching the changing word marketplace.

While the ground has shifted away from the Large Publishers acting as a sort of ‘cultural worth filtration device’, we are not yet in the happy land of ‘letting people vote for what they want with their money’. Just last week I was reminded that geography-​​based publishing rights are still very much alive, no matter that the market for intellectual properties of every sort know no national borders; if I want to buy a song by someone in India, I can do so, no matter that their record label is based in Mumbai. Oddly, publishers still work on the basis of what country someone’s head office is in, ignoring the fact that people in New Zealand who want to read a book don’t understand statements like “we haven’t negotiated anything past the North American and UK rights yet”. Once the Commercial Publishers work that part of the market out, then we’ll start making some progress.

No doubt in the coming year, we will all be discussing these issues, and so very much more as well. Here’s to success, happiness, and peace above all, for all, during it all.

All together now… HOORAY!

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