Pocket Book Vending Machine (c.1960), via “BoingBoing”

This Week's Fish Wrap (№23)

“This Week’s Fish Wrap” is an on-​​going series of posts summing up the news of the previous seven days in the publishing industry, and appears here each Monday. It’s also quite possible that the posts merely serve as a dumping ground of links so that Atomic Fez Proprietor Ian Alexander Martin can find articles later to include in his occasional rants about how ‘EVERYONE ELSE IS ENTIRELY WRONG’ about various things.

Pocket Book Vending Machine (c.1960), via “BoingBoing”
Pocket Book Vending Machine (c.1960), via “BoingBoing”

So another week arrives at its end: screeching, squealing, but inevitably coming to a halt. Much as before, it’s all about e-​​books, Borders, and so on. This is getting a tad dull, isn’t it? Still, there is the seemingly simple question of adverts on the Kindle™, which is far more complicated that you’d think.


Amazon Kindle Drops $30, Raises Commercial Content

Adverts appearing in the screen-​​save of “The Kindle™ With Special Offers” making the hardware cost less, but still permitting Amazon® to make some money. Will people go with it? Will people reject the idea altogether? Will people like the books more with a picture of a Pontiac in a screensaver? Do adverts belong in a book at all? Aren’t they there already with the promotional bumpf in the rear pages anyway?

The following links cover the topic itself, and then onward into the question of price point /​ business model, and constitute a bit of a ‘catch-​​up’ with a back-​​log of e-​​book articles. As usual, I don’t expect people to follow all of them, but looking at the headlines for each of the links is a smart move, as there’s a goodly number of things worth knowing about here.

  • The BookSeller, “Amazon.com to introduce ads to Kindle” | CLICK HERE
  • Moby Lives, “New Kindles to feature advertising” | CLICK HERE
  • Moby Lives, “Are Kindle ads the latest in a long tradition of ads in books?” | CLICK HERE
  • Publishers Weekly, “Amazon to Offer $114 Kindle 3 Supported by Ads” | CLICK HERE
  • Gizmodo, “How Much Less Would You Pay For This Ad-​​Supported Kindle?” | CLICK HERE
  • Gizmodo, “This Sponsored Gadget is the Beginning of the …Look! Free Stuff!” | CLICK HERE
  • PC World, “Amazon Introduces Ad-​​supported Kindle With Special Offers” | CLICK HERE
  • PC World, “Discounted $114 Amazon Kindle to Come With Ads” | CLICK HERE
  • PC World, “Ad-​​Supported Kindle: Why Stop There?” | CLICK HERE
  • Man of la Book, “New Business Model? Advertising in Books” | CLICK HERE
  • The New York Times, “The Secret History of Ads in Books” | CLICK HERE
  • Publishing Perspectives, “What Can Publishers Do To Make E-​​Books Appealing as Gifts?” | CLICK HERE
  • The BookSeller, “Free ‘key driver’ in e-​​book sales” | CLICK HERE
  • Bloomsberg Business Week, “As E-​​book Sales Explode, Consumption Patterns Change” | CLICK HERE
  • Engaget, “E-​​book sales triple year-​​over-​​year, paper books decline in every category” | CLICK HERE
  • Crain’s New York Business, “Amazon.com pushes into book publishing” | CLICK HERE

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