This Week's Fish Wrap (№27)

Here’s what I did with my Sunday whilst it was sunny outside: sat in the basement for the entire afternoon and watched, one after another, The Conversation (with director and screenwriter Francis Ford Coppola’s commentary track running), then Reservoir Dogs (with not only “Info Pop-​​Ups” running, but also a commentary track featuring just about everyone except Steve Buschmi and the Key Grip), followed by 2001: A Space Odyssey with nothing running but its glorious soundtrack (featuring a total of 88 minutes of dialogue-​​free sound).

Pardon me for a moment whilst I screw the eye-​​balls back into the front of my skull.

So, in lieu of actual content, why not promote some things about our beloved authors & things?


John Llewellyn Probert

This is the astonishing well-​​dressed – and incredibly well-​​behaved – author of Wicked Delights, the collection of short stories and novellas of the macabre and literary horror genre. He’s dreamy!

Hear an interview with him! He talks funny! GO HERE and learn everything you didn’t know about the Doctor Who episodes from the 1974−−76 era which you’ll now be fighting with me for in the Public Library’s DVD area.

He visited Texas! He was in Austin for World HorrorCon! You can read about that, plus see him taking a chainsaw to his Special Lady Friend, RIGHT HERE on his site (scroll down a titch)!

He’s writing a book that will be his first novel! I don’t remember what the thing’s called! Atomic Fez will publish it! He’s writing it now! It’s taking a touch longer than everyone thought it would! It’ll be available… erm… here… uhhhhYES, IT SURE WILL!

Cover art by Kimberley Hiscocks (click to enlarge or close)


Cover art by Kimberley Hiscocks (click to enlarge or close)


Carol Weekes

The cover of her first Atomic Fez title, Terribilis, is now available for viewing on the right. Hooray! More details of that soon, with the eBook edition of that out by the end of this month at the latest, and the paperback edition in November probably.

For other news about what she’s up to… well, frankly she’s busier than a really really busy thing. Head to her blog: CLICK HERE!


John Travis

This is the author of The Terror and the Tortoiseshell, the first in the “Benji Spriteman Mystery” series. He’s not someone you want to meet in a dark alley after closing time, let me tell you!

He’s a guest over at Steve Lokley’s blog this week-​​end! John’s discussing self-​​publishing, which appears on the 18th of June! HOORAY!

Final editing of the second “Benji Spriteman” novel is about to begin, and that one is called The Designated Coconut. It’s an homage to the British Detective genre, and features mole men! The cover will be again by Steve Upham, and neither he nor I have a clue what that cover will feature (although a carnival scene and/​or coconut is possible).That book will be available in e-​​book edition during autumn of this year. The book will be available in hardback at roughly the same time in its UK edition, with the North America release the next spring (just in time for beach and cabin reading).

Meanwhile John’s in the midst of writing the third story in the series, the title and details of which I know nothing of. Other than it’ll be brilliant, obviously, and you can expect that in late-​​2012.

Cover art by Terry Cooper (click to enlarge or close)
Cover art by Terry Cooper (click to enlarge or close)


Chris Rothe

The cover of his first title, Dirk Danger Loves Life, is now available for viewing on the left! Hooray! More details of that soon, with the eBook edition of that out by the end of this month at the latest, and the paperback edition in November probably.

Chris Rothe is building his web site, and you can locate that RIGHT HERE. While there, you can read his BLOG and even vote on a poll he’s taking! Vote on the poll! Gaze in wonderment at his insanity!


Andrew Hook

This is the astonishing silly author of the astonishingly silly book Ponthe Oldenguine!

Andrew Hook’s a judge! For a contest! A world contest! The 2011 World Fantasy Awards, as a matter of fact! This means his time is severely truncated because he’s currently reading 80 novels at once with more to come. When last heard from, about 30 more books arrived in one packet, and a second parcel contained yet another twenty. Suggestions on how to construct an entire house using only bound volumes can be sent to the author with all due haste.


So there we are. I’ll see you next week, when it’s hoped all this ‘hockey’ nonsense is done with and we can concentrate of important things like (WARNING: shameless plug imminent) attending events titled “How to Pitch Your Thing to the Media”.

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