TERRIBILIS, by Carol Weekes! Order your copy today!

This Week's Fish Wrap (№35): Pre-Order & Win Signed Books

As a slight change to the usual format of things here on a Monday – probably due to the fact that everyone and their brother seem to be on holiday, busy entertaining friends who are on their  holiday, or generally not doing anything except either trying to stay away from the summer heat or the gigantic storm raging through their area – Atomic Fez announces the second of its AMAZING BOOK CONTESTS!

Pre-​​order a printed copy of Dirk Danger Loves Life by Chris Rothe, or Terribilis by Carol Weekes, and you’re entered to win a COPY SIGNED AND DEDICATED TO YOU BY THE AUTHOR! Atomic Fez doesn’t do “limited, numbered editions” of its books, this is even more special as a result!

In March of last year, people purchasing a copy of Wicked Delights at the World Horror Convention (imaginatively named “World HorrorCon”) were able to Win Breakfast With Author John Llewellyn Probert and His Retinue! …which basically consisted of his girlfriend and the publisher, so the last bit was more of something akin to “by the way, if you accept the prize, you also get stuck with this lot; sorry about that, but them’s the rules”. Here’s the post about how that went.

TERRIBILIS, by Carol Weekes! Order your copy today!
TERRIBILIS, by Carol Weekes! Order your copy today!

This time, things are much better, and far more people get to participate! You don’t have to go anywhere, nor do you have to put up with a couple of extra loonies barging their way into the situation! No no! All it takes is your money!

Terribilis comes in a hardback edition for the UK & International markets, and a paperback binding for the North American market. Thus, the winner of this title, no matter where in the world they happen to reside, will receive a hardback copy even if they’ve only paid for a paperback one!

Dirk Danger Loves Life only comes in the one, paperback binding, so there’s only the scribble of the author to make it special, but he’ll be encouraged to write something particularly funny in your book. If he knows what’s good for him, he’ll do it, too!

So, what are you waiting for? Click the titles of those books, pre-​​order you copies today (they’re in the middle of production right now), and wait for the happy message that you get a book which has been defaced by the author themselves!

All valid entries will be drawn from orders for books placed on or before September 26th, 2011. Payment must be received by that time. Entrants will be included in the drawing only if they are ‘civilians’, none shall pass from those who are ‘book dealers’, ‘wholesalers’, or libraries and are already being granted preferential discounts form the Recommended Retail Price of the book(s). The draw to decide the winner will be conducted by the Publisher, using an elaborate system of bits of paper with people’s names on them, which have been stuffed into a pillow case, hat, or some sort of vessel that’s handy at the time. Two draws will be conducted, one for each of the two (2) titles (books). The winner(s) shall be notified of their win prior to the author(s) making mark(s) on the book(s), thereby permitting the winner(s) to specify their name(s) and/​or the name of a cherished love one and/​or someone they’re going to give the book at holiday time. The decision of the Management is final, and no appeal will be permitted or even listened; no really, cry all you like it’s not going to change a blessed thing. This offer is unrepeatable, mostly due to the details being so complicated it’s impossible to remember them all, but it does permit a lovely Elvis Costello reference, doesn’t it?

2 thoughts on “This Week's Fish Wrap (№35): Pre-Order & Win Signed Books

  1. Now that ink is hitting paper we can in fact order *real* books. Thank-​​you, and I realize that as a family member I am not eligible for the prizes.

    1. Well, as a family member, theoretically you shouldn’t qualify for paying with money, either…

      However, there’s nothing more real about paper-​​based books, as the money which goes to authors for royalties based on eBook sales is just as real to them as the electronic-​​based sales are. So there.

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