DIRK DANGER LOVES LIFE, by Chris Rothe! Order your copy today!

This Week's Fish Wrap (№36): Big Discounts! More Prizes!

As a follow-​​up to last week’s post (mostly because no one was around, plus today’s post is on a Tuesday owing to yesterday’s Labour Day holiday), I’d like to take this opportunity to direct your attention to the subtle graphic above about the SEPTEMBER SALE-​​A-​​BRATION!!! that’s on right now. Did you notice it? It’s easy-​​to-​​miss, I know.

Yes, as a run-​​up to the two big events of the year – the British Fantasy Society’s “FantasyCon” in Brightin UK, as well as the West Coast Science Fiction Association-​​organized VCon in Richmond, BC – all of the printed editions of Atomic Fez books are on sale! Paperbacks for as little as $10 /​ £8, and hardbacks for just $25 /​ £15! Hooray! The same price as if you were attending the events in person without the bother of carting the books around to all of the panel discussions (although you have the postage to pay for by ordering them through the site). Get a load of all the special prices RIGHT HERE!!

DIRK DANGER LOVES LIFE, by Chris Rothe! Order your copy today!
DIRK DANGER LOVES LIFE, by Chris Rothe! Order your copy today!

In addition to the special pricing, by ordering copies of Dirk Danger Loves Life or Terribilis in their printed editions gets you in on the opportunity to win a copy of those books with the author’s personal scribbling in them!

Not only that, the difficulty of “pre-​​ordering” those titles has been thought about a bit more carefully since last week. In the UK, not only is Terribilis being done in a hardback binding for the International Edition as the North American Edition’s paperback binding, there’s a second run of Dirk Danger Loves Life that will be done in the UK shortly in addition to the North American printing that’s being done right now. So, what with both titles having a print run on each side of the Atlantic, the ‘pre-​​order’ period depends wildly due to production and delivery times wherever people happen to be.

Here’s the solution: each title gets TWO DRAWS! There’ll be a North American Draw for each of the two titles, then an International Draw for them once more. North American winners will still receive either a personalized, signed copy of either Dirk Danger Loves Life in paperback, or Terribilis in the International hardback edition, and now the “Rest of the World” will have their own opportunity to win one of each of those based on their production dates.


So, pre-​​order now and save some money, plus possibly win a signed copy! Plus, because you forgot to get copies when they came out originally, you can also order some other books and save on those as well! Either way, you win!

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