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Something for the Week-End...?

Greetings! Two things first:

  1. the main part of the site is now iPad and Smart-​​phone compliant (the layout automagically adjusts things the smaller your screen is), as well as newly re-​​designed so that you can get where you want to easier, as well as hopefully find things you weren’t aware of in the “information” category;
  2. all of the titles have their eBooks on sale, as well as the “September Sale-​​A-​​Bration” prices being still in effect for the printed versions of most of the titles! I’m too good to you, I really am…

Now for some “less than serious” stuff.

There’s a few images in a folder I keep meaning to share with everyone that have something to do with books, or with inspiration generally. So, in a flurry of “let’s clean things up”, here’s the lot of them. Enjoy!

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