HUZZAH! Books on Shelves of Stores!

For those of you who wish to fondle before you purchase, copies of Terribilis and Dirk Danger Loves Life are now on shelves of select locations of Chapters/Indigo/Cole’s Bookshops across the Dominion of Canada! 

For those of you desiring photographic evidence, behold the images below!

This represents a personal first: never before – as far as I am aware – have books published by me been on offer in a bookstore anywhere in the world. Yes, they’ve been available on ‘virtual shelves’, as well as being available for order through ‘bricks and mortar’ locations of stores, but not actually sitting on shelves waiting for people to discover them for immediate purchase. This is a happy thing.

Also, for those of you who love all things old – both books in paper form and stop-​​motion animation without computer generated imaging, for example – here is a short animated film of such accomplishment I cannot begin to comprehend the amount of work involved in it.

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