NEW TITLE: Sleepless Knights Now Available for Pre-Order

Starting right now, you can pre-​​order printed or electronic copies of Sleepless Knights, with the printed copies priced around 33% less than the Recommended Retail Price. It’s just Atomic Fez’s way of thanking you for your patience for your copy to arrive in August, and your confidence in the quality of the author’s ability.

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Mark H. Williams [photo by Simon Gough:]

To say the author, Mark H. Williams [image, left], is un-​​known is a bit of an understatement. He is, at this point, entirely unpublished. He’s written any number of plays, one of which was short-​​listed for an award. Until now, however, he hasn’t ever had anything published; short stories, novellas, novelettes, poetry, shopping lists, novels, nothing.

How this came to be is unexplainable. The novel is something to behold, as its details, plot lines, and characters do not even vaguely resemble what one would expect of someone of this little renown.

For the past year or so, he has been slaving away perfecting the text of Sleepless Knights. It arrived in damned good shape, but there were a few areas to improve, as he worked on those, re-​​submitted the manuscript, had it returned to him with accompanying demands for more changes, and then repeated the process. That’s all done now.

During that time, he was quite possibly the most patient man in the history of writing. He calmly waited whilst his editor/​publisher replaced all of his hard-​​drives when they failed; including one of them going through and expensive recovery process. Various financial hurdles placed themselves in the way of the title coming to fruition, which he also endured the experience of. Both of those, and more, caused his book to be delayed a fair few times. Now, the waiting has come to an end, and the ordering of copies can commence.

It’s not easy being the man behind the myth.

Sir Lucas is butler to King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table – the person who managed every quest from behind the scenes. He’s a man whose average working day involved defeating witches and banishing werewolves, while ensuring the Royal pot of tea never crossed the thin line separating ‘brewed’ from ‘stewed.’ What’s more, 1,500 years after that golden age, he’s still doing it – here in the modern world, right under our noses.

When King Arthur and six of his knights are exposed as living among us, Merlin is unleashed and a grim apocalypse unfolds, uncovering secrets from the past that King Arthur would rather stay buried. When Lucas is forced to confront his own peculiar destiny, will he choose to sacrifice his true love and lay down his life in the service of his master?

Sleepless Knights is a tale of high adventure and warm humour, with a spring in its step, a twinkle in its eye and, at its heart, the ultimate butler.

“I suggest you find something to hold on to,” I said. “I fancy this will be somewhat unorthodox.”
     I edged the car onto the embankment at the side of the road, which got progressively steeper the closer we got to the tanker. Realising that I was not about to stop for him, or indeed his vehicle, the driver ran for the safety of the surrounding fields. Between the cab of the tanker and the side of the road there was a gap exactly half the width of the Jaguar. I took the last few metres of the embankment at top speed.
     The car swung up onto its right side. The wheels left the ground, and we shot up and clear through the gap. The weight of the Grail on the roof turned us upside down in mid-​​air, and the momentum of the jump flipped us back round again in a perfect side roll. We landed upright on the road, on the other side of the tanker, just as its engine caught fire.
     The world exploded.

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