REVIEWS: Two Books, Much Love

Today’s news covers some reviews from the first half of this month. EXCELSIOR!

Back at the start of the month brought news the mystery The Designated Coconut written by John Travis had been reviewed by Library Journal. Plus, they liked it! Hooray!

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Travis’s clever second series entry (after The Terror and the Tortoiseshell) is for readers willing to suspend disbelief… the animal characters endear themselves to readers… in this admirable comedic stab at blending speculative fiction with crime.

Library Journal (April 1st, 2013; Vol. 138, Issue 6, p65)

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Then today, the Library Journal review for John Llewellyn Probert’s book The House that Death Built arrived! HUZZAH!

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The Dark Manor, constructed atop one of England’s ancient stone circles, radiates malevolence and hostility. Wealthy industrialist William Marx built the house in hopes of connecting with the spirit world, though Marx was never seen again after he entered the house. Its current owner, Sir Anthony Calverton, contacts a pair of paranormal investigators, Mr. Massene Henderson and Miss Samantha Jephcott, to furnish him with proof of supernatural activity in the house. The inclusion of four other investigators, including Sir Anthony’s niece, her physicist husband, and a famous TV “psychic,” sets the stage for a classic horror tale with a mystery at its heart. VERDICT: Probert’s début novel presents the first full-​​length adventure for paranormal investigators Henderson and Jephcott, whose previous cases have been chronicled in the collection Against the Darkness. Although the setting is contemporary, the protagonists display an endearing Victorian archness. This is a delightfully scary book.

–Jackie Cassada, Library Journal (April 15th, 2013; Vol. 138, Issue 7, p61)

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