CONTEST: Sleepless Knights Name the Knights Competition!

To celebrate the launch of Sleepless Knights on 5th August, Atomic Fez have put together a prize-​​packed Questing Kit for the winner of our “Name the Knights Competition!” A goody bag-​​full of Arthurian delights can be yours, featuring variations of Jimmy Broxton’s Sleepless Knights artwork – including: a T-​​shirt and Hoodie in your choice of colour & design, a set of buttons*, a mug, and a signed Advance Reading Copy [or ‘ARC’] of the book. Plus a tote bag of your choice to put it all in, perfect for ease of access for any questing knight in the field. To be in with a chance of being the envy of Camelot, just follow these steps…

Download and read the 42-​​page Part One for free, here. “Day One” of Sleepless Knights introduces the main characters, as Sir Lucas the Butler attempts to round them all up for their annual get-​​together, while the clock ticks, tempers fray, and chaos escalates…

Next, jot down your own cover art Who’s Who, using the following character names:

Knight Contest Key
Knight Contest Key
  • Lucas
  • Kay
  • Pellinore
  • Perceval
  • Gawain
  • Lancelot, and
  • Arthur

To (hopefully) avoid any confusion, we’ve given each figure on the cover a brief description, corresponding to the numbers in the picture to the right. 

So all you have to do is complete the following…

  1. Knight behind long shield is…
  2. Background knight, clutching kebab is…
  3. Knight with moustache is…
  4. Central knight with white face & sword is…
  5. Background knight, with stabbed roast chicken is…
  6. Knight in full armour is…
  7. Knight peeking out in front of starred shield is…

Once you’ve done that, email your seven named knights to Image used to foil SPAM by Friday 2nd August.

The person guessing (or closest to guessing) the author’s own Knight-​​identification, will win the coveted Questing Kit, instant promotion to the Round Table, and the eternal fellowship of Camelot.

In the happy event of two or more correct guesses, Atomic Fez proprietor Ian Alexander Martin will randomly select the winner from those entries.

Let the naming begin!

Win an ARC* of SLEEPLESS KNIGHTS signed by the author!
[*Author’s thumb not included]
Knights diorama with mug
Win a Knights mug with a diorama of your creation!
[figurines not included]
Knights only t-shirt
Be a proud wearer of a Sleepless Knights t-​​shirt, just like this lady!
[winner must provide own lady]
* People in the United Kingdom will know this as a set of “badges.” 

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