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New Books! For you to order and so on!

Fortnight to When Words Collide and Mythcon 45

Both When Words Collide in Calgary, Alberta and Mythcon 45 in Norton, Massachusetts will have Atomic Fez’s Authors in attendance!

Mythcon: Wheaton College, Norton, Massachusetts, USA, August 8 – 11

[click to enlarge / reduce]
Mark H. Williams [photo by Simon Gough]
The author of Sleepless Knights, Mark H. Williams, [photo, left; so as to aid the spotting of same in the wild], will be attending Mythcon 45. Part of the proceedings of the event is the announcement of the winners of the Mythopoeic Awards, Mr. Williams being a nominee for the “Mythopoeic Fantasy Award for Adult Literature,” alongside Yangsze Choo (The Ghost Bride, William Morrow), Neil Gaiman (The Ocean at the End of the Lane, William Morrow), Max Gladstone (Three Parts Dead, Tor), and Helene Wecker (The Golem and the Jinni, Harper). Should the winner be Sleepless Knights, it’s best to seek the location of Mr. Williams by looking directly at the ceiling to locate him.

Other events and panels Mr. Williams may be involved with /​ attending at Mythcon 45 are readings and the following panel:

  • The Inklings and King Arthur
    The 2013 publication of The Fall of Arthur complicated the generic complexities of Tolkien’s work: how does Tolkien’s Arthurian poem fit into the palimpsest of Arthurian legends? how does it map onto Middle-​​earth? How does it interact with Arthurian works by other Inklings? This panel represents The Inklings and King Arthur, an upcoming academic collection edited by Sørina Higgins. The panelists discuss Lewis, Tolkien, Williams, Barfield, Arthurian source materials, MacDonald, and Chesterton.

    • Panelists: Chris Gaertner, Yannick Imbert, Cory Lowell Grewell, Benjamin Shogren, Brenton D. G. Dickieson, Sørina Higgins (Moderator).
WWC: Carriage House Inn, Calgary, Alberta, August 8 – 12

Mark Leslie Lefebvre
Mark Leslie Lefebvre [photo by John Robbie]
Attendees of the 4th Annual When Words Collide can rub elbows with such luminaries as the author of I, Death, Mark Leslie (Lefebvre) [image, left], who is also a Guest of Honour; Chris Rothe, the author of Dirk Danger Loves Life. While Mr. Leslie’s schedule is easily followed on the event’s site – for the panels and presentations he is participating in are numerous – Mr. Rothe’s are equally easy: look for the young man wearing flippers and other snorkelling equipment, or possibly making dinosaur noises.

Atomic Fez’s Publisher /​ Proprietor, Ian Alexander Martin is also attending, and during the event will be participating in the following panel discussions (subject to change) explaining how Everyone Else is Very Very Wrong (this, sadly, is subject to inevitability):

    You can write the greatest novel ever written, but you still need to get it into the hands of a publisher. Our panel tells you how.
  • BLENDING SF AND FANTASY (Saturday, 10am)
    The world of Science Fiction is one extended from the principles of known science; the Fantasy world is based in unknowable magic. There was a time when never the twain could meet, but writers love to break down this barrier. Can they? Should they? Are there examples where this hybrid has worked? Are there spectacular failures?
  • GRIPING ABOUT GRAMMAR (Saturday, 7pm)
    Who VS That. Who VS Whom. The apostrophe goes where? And what does subjunctive mean, anyway? Bring your grammar questions for our Grammar Gurus to debate, debunk, and decipher. Be prepared to take notes.
    Novels Publishers and editors discuss industry trends, their working relationship with authors and agents, the impact of ePublishing on their business, and other questions raised from the audience.
    The popularization of eReaders, such as the Kobo and Kindle reader, has changed the way books are read and has caused major upheavals in the publishing industry. This panel looks at some of the ramifications for readers, authors, and publishers, with special attention to issues that remain in flux.

I,Death Launch Final (Half)Between those points in the schedule, have a look in the Merchants’ Room near the table with EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing books on it, because that’s where you’ll also find copies of Atomic Fez’s books; including copies of I, Death: freshly created for WWC, and only available there! Attend the launch at 3pm on Saturday and witness the author read words aloud!

You can probably also find Atomic Fez’s Publisher /​ Proprietor in the pub with a pint of beer in his hand. Failing that, have a look under one of the tables; you might be rewarded for helping him to his room.

Eagle's idea of 1949 Northrop Flying Wing
Artist’s impression of Northrop Flying Wing, c.1949 [Illustration originally by L. Ashwell Wood for the comic book Eagle (via XRay Delta on Flickr)]
Thankfully the Atomic Fez Flying Wing [artist’s impression, left] is going through final air-​​worthiness checks so as to be ready to whisk those involved thither and yon in the pursuit of spreading the good news of books!! The Publisher /​ Proprietor is looking forward to spending much of his time in #15 and #16, so as to properly receive other passengers as some are picked-​​up here, others are dropped off there, and so on.

Mark Leslie's I Death Launching in August

I,Death Launch Final (Half)Atomic Fez Publishing is happy to announce that Mark Leslie’s first novel, titled I, Death, will be officially launched as part of When Words Collide in Calgary, Alberta. The “book social” will be held Saturday, August 9th 2014 at three pm.

Mr. Leslie will be in attendance to read passages from the book (and different from those read during other festival reading events), as well for signing. Copies of the novel be available for purchase at the “book social”, as well as throughout WWC in the ‘Merchants’ Room’ thanks to an agreement with EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing and the brains behind the genre-​​house, Brian Hades.

Mark Leslie Lefebvre (photo by John Robbie)
Mark Leslie Lefebvre (photo by John Robbie)

Mark Leslie is leading a fair bit in pre-​​festival workshop series [MORE INFORMATION HERE], mostly in his role as Director of Self-​​Publishing & Author Relations at Kobo Canada. He’s specifically doing “Marketing Best Practices” Thursday morning, followed by “Hybrid Publishing” in the afternoon. The two sessions promise to be an excellent opportunity for writers of all levels to get an insider’s perspective at the ever-​​shifting landscape of literary publishing, especially during this period; arguably the most anarchic time since Gutenberg made it possible to produce books of guaranteed quality in high volume at a tiny fraction of previous costs.

Space is limited for these two workshops (and may already be full, actually), so e-​​mail them to reserve your seat or add your name to a waiting list.

  • Marketing Best Practices (9 AM – 12 PM; Thursday, August 7th)
    • 3 hour session limited to 50 seats, and includes topics from pricing, to marketing strategies, to working with eRetailers and local bookstores
  • Hybrid Publishing (1PM – 5PM; Thursday, August 7th)
    • Traditional or Self Publishing? Choose both. Mark Leslie draws on his experience in the publishing industry to discuss the advantages of each method in this presentation limited to 50 seats

CLICK to view their site [new tab or window]
CLICK to view their site [new tab or window]
When Words Collide exists to provide an opportunity for the literary community, from readers to writers to publishers, to gather and share information and inspiration. With the belief that different genres have more in common than they have differences, the festival includes content for all types of literature including Mainstream, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Romance, Mystery, Historical, Literary, and non-​​fiction.

WWC 2014 will be held at the Carriage House Inn, 9030 Macleod Trail South, Calgary, Alberta.

In addition to Mr. Leslie, Atomic Fez’s publisher Ian Alexander Martin will be there; as well as Chris Rothe, the author of Dirk Danger Loves Life.

Join them in the celebration of reading and story-​​telling, won’t you?

ROUND-UP: Too Much News for One Post!

…but somehow I’ll cram it all in.

[pause for inevitable ‘that’s what she said comment from somewhere in the back of the crowd

So… herewith: a whole bunch of news!

Change of Publishing Date for Sleepless Knights

Due to overwhelming demand, all printed copies destined for stores and libraries in the United States of America has been re-​​scheduled to September 24. Note that orders placed directly with the publisher through this site remain entirely unaffected. The only copies this covers are the 2nd official run of the paperback destined for retail outlets distributed through Midpoint Trade Books.

CLICK to read the interview [new tab or window]Interviews A-Plenty

Read an interview with Mark H. Williams!! He tells you all sorts of things like his preference for coffee v. tea (depends on the time of day), cats v. dogs, and many other exciting things!  Head here:

Also: listen to Bell Book & Podcast Episode #2, wherein Ian Alexander Martin (the publisher in charge of this so-​​called house) babbles about how editing gets done, the publishing industry and its anarchic developments, what the Big Publishers think about the books you think you own but never actually have (the publishers do, actually), and how he actually resembles a Hollywood Movie Star.

If you’d prefer to hear something from Mark H. Williams about how he writes (which interests many people far more frequently than the publishing nonsence), head to for a shorter, more fun podcast. 

For more Bell Book & Podcast yumminess, subscribe here:

and so on.

Sleepless Knights Launch Party!

Some more information about the event in Cardiff can be found on the author’s blog in the post titled “Launch! Party! Prizes!” Meanwhile, here’s some pretty pictures.

Images of the diorama competition entrants as well as wonderful images of the launch (above)!

As mentioned a few posts ago, Mark held a competition on Twitter using the hashtag #DioramaFriday.


Draken was hopeful that he'd be in Mark's book but Sir Kay wasn't convinced ... by @Indigo_Blues_
Draken was hopeful that he’d be in Mark’s book but Sir Kay wasn’t convinced …by @Indigo_Blues_
The palisade's guard by Zoe, aka @SaidHanrahan
The palisade’s guard
by Zoe, aka @SaidHanrahan

These photos below are also quite nice.


Mark H Williams reads from Sleepless Knights at the launch. EXCITED!
Mark H Williams reads from Sleepless Knights at the launch. EXCITED!
PHOTO BY: Laura Cotton ‏@lalscotton

Other bits about the launch can be found here:

WORDS: Sleepless Knights Author Speaks!

So… you know… there’s this book coming out short-​​ish, eh, and… well, we’ve been talking about it, like…

…and then I wrote:

…but a few days before that, Mark wrote:

…and then someone else wrote:

Just click the thing.
Image of Mark’s original tweet, which was tweeted by Sarah Dollard and then re-​​tweeted by @Indigo_Blues_… click to read the Tumbler post associated with the image, original tweet, and so on.

…and then Mark decided to give some stuff away for #dioramafriday in addition to the Name the Knights contest and wrote:

So, basically, you can read all sorts of things in the top article, then read “Part 1″ of the book for free and enter a contest to win a huge amount of things including a signed, Advance Copy of the book, then you can set-​​up a little diorama and tweet the picture of it and possibly win another signed copy of the ARC.

…or, you could just order yourself a copy of Sleepless Knights here and skip all of that effort. 

It’s up to you, really.

CONTEST: Sleepless Knights Name the Knights Competition!

To celebrate the launch of Sleepless Knights on 5th August, Atomic Fez have put together a prize-​​packed Questing Kit for the winner of our “Name the Knights Competition!” A goody bag-​​full of Arthurian delights can be yours, featuring variations of Jimmy Broxton’s Sleepless Knights artwork – including: a T-​​shirt and Hoodie in your choice of colour & design, a set of buttons*, a mug, and a signed Advance Reading Copy [or ‘ARC’] of the book. Plus a tote bag of your choice to put it all in, perfect for ease of access for any questing knight in the field. To be in with a chance of being the envy of Camelot, just follow these steps…

Download and read the 42-​​page Part One for free, here. “Day One” of Sleepless Knights introduces the main characters, as Sir Lucas the Butler attempts to round them all up for their annual get-​​together, while the clock ticks, tempers fray, and chaos escalates…

Next, jot down your own cover art Who’s Who, using the following character names:

Knight Contest Key
Knight Contest Key
  • Lucas
  • Kay
  • Pellinore
  • Perceval
  • Gawain
  • Lancelot, and
  • Arthur

To (hopefully) avoid any confusion, we’ve given each figure on the cover a brief description, corresponding to the numbers in the picture to the right. 

So all you have to do is complete the following…

  1. Knight behind long shield is…
  2. Background knight, clutching kebab is…
  3. Knight with moustache is…
  4. Central knight with white face & sword is…
  5. Background knight, with stabbed roast chicken is…
  6. Knight in full armour is…
  7. Knight peeking out in front of starred shield is…

Once you’ve done that, email your seven named knights to Image used to foil SPAM by Friday 2nd August.

The person guessing (or closest to guessing) the author’s own Knight-​​identification, will win the coveted Questing Kit, instant promotion to the Round Table, and the eternal fellowship of Camelot.

In the happy event of two or more correct guesses, Atomic Fez proprietor Ian Alexander Martin will randomly select the winner from those entries.

Let the naming begin!

Win an ARC* of SLEEPLESS KNIGHTS signed by the author!
[*Author’s thumb not included]
Knights diorama with mug
Win a Knights mug with a diorama of your creation!
[figurines not included]
Knights only t-shirt
Be a proud wearer of a Sleepless Knights t-​​shirt, just like this lady!
[winner must provide own lady]
* People in the United Kingdom will know this as a set of “badges.” 

FREE: Sample the Quest!

For those of you wishing to “try before you buy,” you can now read PART I of Sleepless Knights by Mark H Williams

Cover design and art by Jimmy Broxton
Cover design and art by Jimmy Broxton

Follow this link here to discover why Muriel Gray said the following:

Mark Williams’ dazzling début shakes up Arthurian legend into a wildly inventive, roller coaster ride of thrills, hilarity, dark fantasy and brilliant characterisation all written with an exquisite elegance befitting the originality of the tale. Treat yourself.

Muriel Gray, author of The Trickster, Furnace, and The Ancient

Plus, stay tuned for more educated acclaim from the Great and the Good, as well as a SPECIAL CONTEST!

ARTWORK: Cover of Sleepless Knights Revealed

Jimmy Broxton’s contribution of cover art to Mark H Williams’ début Sleepless Knights brings ‘the final piece of the puzzle’ for a project that has been quietly bubbling away at Atomic Fez Publishing for nearly two years. The title will be formally released on August 5th of this year, and is currently available for pre-​​order from the publisher for 33% less than retail price.

CLICK to embiggen / close
Cover of “Sleepless Knights” by Jimmy Broxton

Mr. Broxton – whose work has graced the pages of Knight & SquireSaucer Country, and The Unwritten – has provided his prodigious gifts to the outsides of Sleepless Knights, with the final cover art on the right for your entertainment and adoration.

As both the proprietor and publisher, Ian Alexander Martin couldn’t be happier than he is with the artwork, calling it “much more than I had imagined possible. There’s a simple, graphic quality to the design that the typical small press book doesn’t possess, and the cover’s style is eye-​​catching in the same way that the works of Saul Bass were. I’d marry this cover if I could!”

Mr. Williams, author of Sleepless Knights, explained that Mr. Broxton was asked to contribute something which was in keeping with the over-​​all tone of the novel, one which mixes “the domestic with the fantastic. ‘Gleeful anachronism’ might be a good way to describe it… But there’s also a poignant tone to the book – these characters are far from home and have all seen better days. In addition to the comedic elements to the book, the story of Sir Lucas is an unlikely hero’s journey that tests him to his limits and beyond, and I was keen to avoid anything too overly wacky.

“Jimmy responded with an initial sketch which he described as ‘a representation of authentic brass rubbings coming alive, cavorting, boozing, eating kebabs/​fried chicken and generally acting up as described… it’s comedic, but not a cartoon as such… a darker, more satirical feel.’ ”

The man, the legend: Jimmy Broxton [click to enlarge / close]
Jimmy Broxton

Mr. Williams concluded by hailing Mr. Broxton’s work saying that it “not only met that initial brief, but far exceeded my expectations. I’m hugely proud to have such a striking and original piece of design as the cover to Sleepless Knights.”

Mr. Broxton [recent security camera data, left] is a UK based graphic artist, illustrator and designer. He is best known for his work with Guy Adams restoring the iconic ‘60s comic strip Goldtiger by Antonio Barreti and Louis Shaeffer. He’s also known for his art for the Madefire ‘motion comic’ The Engine (also with with Mr. Adams), work on DC/Vertigo’s “The Unwritten” with Mike Carey; Paul Cornell’s “Knight and Squire” six issue mini series also for DC comics (collected in Batman: Knight and Squire), and a run of short stories for Dark Horse Comics Presents, working with writer Martin Conaghan.

His hobbies include: cooking, cycling, boxing, and pretending to be somebody else. He can be found on Twitter claiming to be @JimmyBrox.

For those really beside themselves with this design, we have all sorts of things to make your life complete!

Yes, we’ve got T–shirts for men and also for ladies! PLUS we’ve got coffee mugs made of aluminum (or aluminium if you insist). HOORAY!

Fully Labelled Products (for credit awareness)

Men’s Heavyweight T–shirt Questing Mug Ladies’ Fitted T–Shirt
CLICK for ordering details via SPREADSHIRT SITE [new window or tab]
[red only]
CLICK for ordering details via SPREADSHIRT SITE [new window or tab]
[steel only]
CLICK for ordering details via SPREADSHIRT SITE [new window or tab]
[red only]

"Un-Plugged" Products (for more subtlety)

Men’s Heavyweight T-​​shirt Questing Mug Domestic Mug Ladies’ Fitted T-​​Shirt
CLICK to order via SPREADSHIRT [new tab or window]
[red only]
CLICK to order via SPREADSHIRT [new tab or window]
[white or steel]
CLICK to order via SPREADSHIRT [new tab or window]
[white only]
CLICK to order via SPREADSHIRT [new tab or window]
[red only]

NEW TITLE: Sleepless Knights Now Available for Pre-Order

Starting right now, you can pre-​​order printed or electronic copies of Sleepless Knights, with the printed copies priced around 33% less than the Recommended Retail Price. It’s just Atomic Fez’s way of thanking you for your patience for your copy to arrive in August, and your confidence in the quality of the author’s ability.

[click to enlarge / reduce]
Mark H. Williams [photo by Simon Gough:]

To say the author, Mark H. Williams [image, left], is un-​​known is a bit of an understatement. He is, at this point, entirely unpublished. He’s written any number of plays, one of which was short-​​listed for an award. Until now, however, he hasn’t ever had anything published; short stories, novellas, novelettes, poetry, shopping lists, novels, nothing.

How this came to be is unexplainable. The novel is something to behold, as its details, plot lines, and characters do not even vaguely resemble what one would expect of someone of this little renown.

For the past year or so, he has been slaving away perfecting the text of Sleepless Knights. It arrived in damned good shape, but there were a few areas to improve, as he worked on those, re-​​submitted the manuscript, had it returned to him with accompanying demands for more changes, and then repeated the process. That’s all done now.

During that time, he was quite possibly the most patient man in the history of writing. He calmly waited whilst his editor/​publisher replaced all of his hard-​​drives when they failed; including one of them going through and expensive recovery process. Various financial hurdles placed themselves in the way of the title coming to fruition, which he also endured the experience of. Both of those, and more, caused his book to be delayed a fair few times. Now, the waiting has come to an end, and the ordering of copies can commence.

It’s not easy being the man behind the myth.

Sir Lucas is butler to King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table – the person who managed every quest from behind the scenes. He’s a man whose average working day involved defeating witches and banishing werewolves, while ensuring the Royal pot of tea never crossed the thin line separating ‘brewed’ from ‘stewed.’ What’s more, 1,500 years after that golden age, he’s still doing it – here in the modern world, right under our noses.

When King Arthur and six of his knights are exposed as living among us, Merlin is unleashed and a grim apocalypse unfolds, uncovering secrets from the past that King Arthur would rather stay buried. When Lucas is forced to confront his own peculiar destiny, will he choose to sacrifice his true love and lay down his life in the service of his master?

Sleepless Knights is a tale of high adventure and warm humour, with a spring in its step, a twinkle in its eye and, at its heart, the ultimate butler.

“I suggest you find something to hold on to,” I said. “I fancy this will be somewhat unorthodox.”
     I edged the car onto the embankment at the side of the road, which got progressively steeper the closer we got to the tanker. Realising that I was not about to stop for him, or indeed his vehicle, the driver ran for the safety of the surrounding fields. Between the cab of the tanker and the side of the road there was a gap exactly half the width of the Jaguar. I took the last few metres of the embankment at top speed.
     The car swung up onto its right side. The wheels left the ground, and we shot up and clear through the gap. The weight of the Grail on the roof turned us upside down in mid-​​air, and the momentum of the jump flipped us back round again in a perfect side roll. We landed upright on the road, on the other side of the tanker, just as its engine caught fire.
     The world exploded.

7-77-7-7: Yes, Even Editors Get to Play Along

77777. No, it’s not a Mayan doomsday prophecy. It’s a lot of writers all sharing a piece of their latest work-​​in-​​progress. If you’re not familiar with this ‘share chain,’ you go to either page 7 or 77 of your current work in progress, scroll down 7 lines, and then copy the next seven lines into your status box. Then tag 7 other writers to do the same.

CLICK to embiggen
Actual image of inside Atomic Fez Headquarters.

The fiendish part of this is that I am not a writer. Editing, publishing, proofing; all of that. “That’s bad writing, and you do good writing! Do some of the good sort of writing in this bit of the story” is more my line of things. Actual writing; no.

So, here’s the three things being worked upon currently here in Atomic Fez’s secret underground lair [image, right]. Note that these are all not to be taken as “finished”, because there’s still things to do, including grammar and punctuation checking (plus who knows what else).

So… here we go then!

— — —  —  —  —  —  — —

Sleepless Knights, by Mark H. Williams, page 77

“Merlin!” I shouted, over the escalating din. “Close the portal!” The hooded head shook from side to side and the figure rose up through the hole to mid-​​torso. “We have made a mistake!” I cried, “Go back!” The wizard was now out up to his waist. A bolt of lightning sent another shower of rubble down on my head. With a loud thooming rush, Merlin shot clear out of the ground and up through the hole in the roof. The cave mouth was nearly blocked by debris, and, as I squeezed out through the remaining gap, another rock-​​fall closed it up behind me.

— — —  —  —  —  —  — —

I, Death by Mark Leslie, page 77:

“Shouldn’t you go?” I asked Julie. “I mean, her new boyfriend just died, after all, and …”

She interrupted me. “Sarah hasn’t been with anyone since you guys broke up, Peter.”


“I don’t know what you’ve been hearing, but she hasn’t been seeing anyone, – certainly not Chad – and she hasn’t even been spending time with me or any of her other friends all that much. She just wants to be left alone.”

— — —  —  —  —  —  —  — —

Unnatural Acts by John Llewellyn Probert (feel free to make a joke at this point, everyone else will), page 77:

“Well I’m sure you won’t get many clients where that happens,” David said. His words came out with far more venom than he had intended and he regretted it when Arielle looked hurt.

“I meant for your loss,” she said. “I can’t begin to imagine what it’s like, losing the one you love.”

“I’d gladly tell you,” David said, “Only right know I think I’d go insane if I had to try to put it into words.”

“That’s okay, you don’t have to,” she said.

— — —  —  —  —  —  —  — —

Thus, here we go with the taggage:

  • Christopher Fowler
  • Guy Adams
  • Chris Rothe
  • Carol Weekes
  • Paul Magrs
  • Nev Fountain
  • Barbara Gordon


The title is as it is due to just about anyone I’ve come across in the last little while being well and truly tired of hearing either of those phrases. If you’re in Canada, a close third is “Grey Cup”, or “Presidential Election” if you’re in the USA, or any use of the words “phone hacking” if you’re in the UK. So let’s move on before we all acquire a case of the dry heaves, shall we?

Ah… the open, airy, spacious experience that is the new paragraph… ahhhhhhh.

This is a bit of a “catch-​​up”, “bits and/​or bobs*  which got missed”, word about some “new stuff”, plus a bit of news about pricing.


Let’s say, for some reason, you think the world of Atomic Fez, and love it so much you’d like to declare to the world your support of it. How might one do this, you ask yourself? Why, by ordering something with the mighty logo of Atomic Fez Publishing, that’s how! Shirts, mugs, bags, caps, beer steins, glasses, hip flasks, cocktail shakers, even “unmentionables” for both ladies and gentlemen!

There’s two shops on the interwebs, in order to increase your options for the sake of flexibility.

So if you are already thinking of getting one of Uncle Warren Ellis’s shirts on Café Press, there are options for Atomic Fez to add to your order and make your shipping charge go farther.

On the other hand  If you don’t want to tell people that “Warren Ellis put his disease in me”, then you can head to the Spread Shirt store and fill your life with all sorts of Atomic Fez stuff! I’ve not yet located other worthwhile things in Spread Shirt. No doubt they are there, they just haven’t been found by me yet. 

Here’s the two options: 

Spread Shirt


Café Press


So… there you are.

New Books Fully Available!

CLICK for details of this titleAfter some nagging and sorting and more nagging and some payment of bills, there are the full range of both The Designated Coconut and The House That Death Built available in the shop (click the cover images or the titles for the particular pages).

While the print runs for the North American market won’t be done until the spring of next year, those of you in Canada or the United States of America can order copies today if you just can’t wait until then for your very own copy, you’ll just have to pay the shipping cost for the extra distance to your address from the United Kingdom (which, honestly, isn’t that much or a rise in charge). 

CLICK for details of this titleIf you prefer your books to be electronic, however, WAIT NO LONGER! as those editions are available in all three flavours: locally sourced, the international Kobo store, or your nation’s Kindle Store (there’s seven to choose from)! All are available now, just remember that the most money ends up in the hands of authors with the “direct from Atomic Fez” option, and you can still load those on any device you own that displays eBooks, and they’re always DRM-​​free for your technological and “future-​​proof” convenience. The authors thank you for supporting their ability to have real roofs under which to eat actual food (greatly increased health has resulted in extensive lab testing when including both these things in a writer’s environment).

Most Prices Newly Reduced!

After some time has passed after initial excitement over a title, people need a little incentive to re-​​awaken their interest in a book they might have passed over initially. Thus, some alterations on some prices for earlier titles in a rather downward direction (IE: old books cost less). Also, the new books available here are at special “direct from the publisher” prices, even when brand new.

The third thing that’s changed is the “one penny less than a full, round number” is gone. Honestly, who are we kidding here? Yes, there’s the famous idea of if it’s priced at $19.99 people don’t think of it as $20, that seems too expensive idea, but it’s probable that everyone is entirely wise to that by now. If a book is £8.99, I suspect that all of your are saying to yourself “right, so that’s just over a ten-​​pound note by the time there’s postage added” just the same as if it was priced as “nine pounds”. So, when the prices being charged went down, the rounding was included along the way.

Here’s an example of how this works, in case you got lost along the way of my oddly constructed explanation.

Wicked Delights by John Llewellyn Probert
Cover of WICKED DELIGHTS Recommended Retail
(or “Cover”) Price

$39.99 (Canada)
£22.99 (UK)
$39.99 (USA)
Old “Atomic Fez
Direct” Price

$39.99 (Canada)
£22.99 (UK)
$39.99 (USA)
New “Atomic Fez
Direct” Price

$30 (Canada)
£15 (UK)
$30 (USA)

So much easier, isn’t it?

The buttons for the various editions and nations have been moved over so that it’s more obvious as to what’s applying to which thing, so that ought to go some distance to helping everyone understand what’s available. 


There’s not much point in me forcing people to operate under my rules if they don’t either make sense to you or you think they’re stupid. After all, you’re supposed to want to buy these books and navigating your way through complications and mystery options isn’t going to do anything for your happiness, which is going to have a damaging direct effect on the number of those books being read by people… which is not what any writer wants. 

Thus, please let me know what you think of all of the above, either by replying directly to me through Graphic used to foil SPAM or by commenting below, whichever you’re most comfortable with. 

Thank you for your time reading this, your custom, and your support of independent authors and their publisher.

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